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Corporate Gifting

Let us do the heavy lifting which allows you to do what you do best!
Whatever the occasion, we can make it special for you.

place an order, ask a question, or request a sample

(One complimentary sample per company, please.)

Thank you! Request received.

To place a shipping order for 20 or more; Email an Excel spreadsheet to with 6 columns:

 1. First and Last Name  |  2. Street Address  |  3. City  |  4. State  |  5. Zip  |  6. Product Name

Call to Customize 205.937.7392

Corporate Form

Variety Slices in Box 

Emily's Hierlooms-34.jpg
Red Slice Boxes.jpg
Var 3 Decor Khaki box.jpg
Variety 3 Decor.jpg
Var 6 Slice Boxes-Red & Khaki.jpg
Original Loafs.jpg
Loaf Tote.jpg

Signature Loaf Totes

Loaf Tote.jpg

Original Round

Round packaged in gift box.jpg
EHPC gift box with bow.jpg
EHPC gift box.jpg
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